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Real Estate Development

Triangle DeCon Services Inc. has a long history of providing planning, development and design services to our clients in the building industry. Our team has an ample experience in new construction and re-development of existing properties to maximize value for our clients. We are capable of providing the below services with in house staff for simple projects or hire/manage outside consultants for large projects. Our experienced staff is ready to provide the following services for our clients:

  • Planning for the highest and best use of the property
  • Entitlement management
  • Initial budget and schedule with updates for each phase
  • Concept design
  • Schematic design and mock-ups of the proposed designs
  • Design development management
  • Construction document preparation
  • Construcability review of 100% construction documents prior to submission to local authorities for approval
  • Obtain approval of local authorities for 100% construction documents
  • Prepare bid documents in collaboration with our internal construction management team

Triangle DCS is ready to stand by our investors, private developers and public agencies to plan, develop and design your new real estate or re-development projects. Triangle DCS Design and Construction professionals will translate and transform your ideas into reality. We are ready to turn complexity into simplicity in the development process. 


Construction Management

The construction management team’s involvement starts early on the life cycle of the project during the Concept phase with construction phasing analysis and site logistics in collaboration with the development team. The construction management team’s participation grows over time with budget and schedule feedback during the development process in order to obtain a fully coordinated set of approved construction documents with detailed plans and specs to advertise for bids. The heavy lifting of our construction management team starts after a client awards the contract to the most qualified and responsive General Contractor. Below are some of the services provided by our construction management team:

  • Construction phasing and site logistics plan
  • Constructability review of the design plans
  • Create a master schedule and budget
  • Maintain and update master schedule and project budget
  • Review and feedback of Contractor’s proposals during the bidding phase
  • Review contractor’s baseline schedule and monthly schedule updates
  • Review contractor’s Change Orders for extra work
  • Provide a Fair Cost Estimate, FCE, for all extra work Change Orders
  • Represent the Owner in all progress meetings and correspondences with the Contractor during the construction phase
  • Manage design consulting teams for all RFI and Submittal reviews
  • Represent the Owner in all inspections from the government authorities
  • Provide a risk management framework to identify and mitigate all known risks along with unknown risks by utilizing the project reserves 
  • Closeout the contracts with the contractors and design consultants and handover the project back to the Own


General Contracting

Triangle DCS is a licensed, bonded and insured General Contractor with a General Building “B” license issued by the State of California. We can self perform all construction activities, from demolition, framing, concrete, electrical and other trades by using our current “B” license. This translates to direct cost savings for our clients. We understand that there is no “one size fits all” and constructions projects are unique so we are flexible to provide our services to fit our clients needs. We have a large network of specialty subcontractors to utilize for larger or more complex projects to supplement our internal team. Our GC team provides the following:

  • Residential Construction
  • Office and Retail Construction
  • Multi-family and High-rise TI
  • Public Works Construction
  • Hardscape and Landscape
  • Civil and Infrastructure
  • Renovation, Retrofit and Upgrade
  • Design-Build

About Us

Triangle DeCon Services Inc. is an experienced full service real estate advisory firm with a focus on real estate development management, construction management and general contracting services. We are a young, energetic, ethical, professional, knowledgeable, customer-centric and multilingual team looking to deliver the most value to our new and returning clients. Our management team has developed, designed and delivered a variety of real estate projects for our valued clients in residential, commercial, education, healthcare, hospitality and other property types. 

We have a diverse background with professional training and real world experiences in Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Planning and other project management services. We are a licensed General Building Contractor in California, licensed Professional Engineer in California, certified Project Management Professional with Project Management Institute and a certified professional with Design Build Institute of America. Our office is centrally located in Mission Viejo to serve our clients in Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside counties. Please contact our office for an initial discussion and free consultation. 


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Our Team


We are a team of Architects, Engineers and Construction professionals with over 20 years of experience in California and international markets. Our integrated and multifaceted team approach promotes collaboration and camaraderie with internal and external teams, employed by clients or Triangle, to deliver the most value to our clients. We are comprised of three teams of Development, Construction and General Contracting teams:

  • Development Management team is in charge of transforming our client’s idea into a thoroughly detailed construction documents with approved plans and specifications from all local, city and state jurisdictions. 
  • Construction Management team is capable of providing technical procurement services and hands on construction management and support services after commencement of construction to manage the external teams of consultants and contractors employed by the client. 
  • General Contracting team is in charge of bidding on private and public projects by building a team of the most qualified subcontractors and material suppliers, obtain a construction permit and plan and coordinate all construction activities to complete the project based on fixed price or negotiated contract with the client.  


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